Four Things We Think About Before Posting On Social Media

We’re all about creating and maintaining an editorial social media calendar, and pre-scheduling the distribution of content in advance, however, we can’t stress how important it is to make sure your social media continues to be sensitive to your location, happenings and, most importantly, real-time.


And, if that means we have to break the carefully curated colour roster of our Instagram grid for a shot of us enjoying a taco on #NationalTacoDay, so be it.


Here are four main questions we ask ourselves when curating content for our social media platforms:


  1. Does this post reflect our brand values?

If your brand was a person, would you want to hang out with them? It’s a vital question, because you’re asking people to do just that – to willingly interact on a social level with your brand.

At Omnia we have a brand personality that describes how our brand interacts on our social media channels: “Our brand is knowledgeable and helpful, gently humorous but sincere.”

If the caption does not fit into those adjectives it’s not going online. End of story.


  1. Does the imagery reflect our brand values?

Don’t be fooled into thinking choosing images is just an issue of making things look pretty; visuals are now so crucial to the user experience that they’re even a SEO ranking tool.

Omnia hack: Name your image files in a way that helps search engines to understand what your image is about and what they should rank it for.


  1. Is the imagery consistent?

It can be challenging enough to take amazing photos on a constant basis, but even harder to ensure they all feel like pieces of the same puzzle.

It’s a colourful world out there but If you’ve been following Omnia on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll know we’re a little bit OCD when it comes to consistency and projecting a cohesive image.

Every image used across your marketing touchpoints should have a consistent look and feel – for us, this stretches across not only our social media platforms and email marketing but our proposals, project documents and even our office décor.

Find a look that you like, and fits with your brand, and stick with it. The difference will be wildly apparent in your Instagram grid after less than nine posts.


  1. Why Is Your Audience on a Particular Social Media Channel?

Always remember, each social channel has a different purpose, and that will inform how your brand interacts on each.

To see what kind of content your audience prizes, use a tool like Buzzsumo to track the top-performing and trending content relevant to your industry.

See what people are liking, sharing, pinning, etc., and you’ll be better equipped to give audiences what they’re looking for.

If the post does not fit into the social media channel it’s not going online. End of story.


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