Dhai Dubai
Light influences Life
CLIENTDhai Dubai
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Welcome to Dhai Dubai, a cultural Light Festival, where art and illumination converge in a spectacular celebration.

Nestled in the heart of Expo City, this annual event is a canvas for local artists to transform light into a language of creativity and cultural storytelling. Here, each installation is not just a display but a dialogue, echoing the vibrant spirit of Dubai.


Dhai Dubai Light Art Festival centers around the Arabic name, elegantly arranged in a vertical layout spelling out Dhai Dubai. The design highlights kashidas to reflect the connection created between people and art through light. The elongation of kashidas artistically connects each letter through graphics inspired by cultural elements extracted from Mashrabiyas in Dubai. This approach vividly conveys the essence of art, light, and movement, infusing the brand mark with a distinctive and culturally resonant aesthetic and approach.

This design combines tradition with light, reflecting the rich cultural heritage while embracing the movement of light.
In essence, the brand mark of Dhai Dubai encapsulates its journey, from its roots in the U.A.E. with its purpose of being a platform that brings together diverse art and artists.

Brand Identity

Omnia incorporated the geometric patterns, intricate arabesques and bold colours of beautifully stained-glass windows to develop a brand identity that would mainly live on social media and digital platforms. The creative outputs are easily adapted for bespoke merchandise that will be available at the event.
Omnia developed templates for social media that would encapsulate the spirit of the festival

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