Al Etihad Payments
Empowering Payments
CLIENTAl Etihad Payments
DELIVERABLESBrand & Digital Strategy, Identity, Guidelines


Outlining Al Etihad Payments brand purpose and positioning statement as a best-in-class payments service to help further the innovation and impact of the UAE.


Al Etihad Payments is a payments entity created in 2022 via the National Payment Systems Strategy (NPSS), to develop best-in-class payments infrastructure, standards and solutions for UAE.


Al Etihad Payments needed a brand identity for its IPP Solution that reflected the master brand, but stood out as a new and unique payments solution for the UAE. Our visual identity approach was rooted in a strategic understanding of the financial sector's nuances and competitor research. We aimed to convey trust, modernity, and innovation—essential values in the financial services arena.


By using elements of the Al Etihad Payments master brand visual identity (such as font, colour and style) into the sub brand visual identity, will provide the link to the strategic brand platform. Omnia have worked closely with Aani to build a new strategy and visual identity built around the concept of ‘ Empowering instant Payments
Empowering Payments. Future-ready digital payment solutions that provide security, convenience and cost-effectivity
Aani is the Instant
Payments Platform
(IPP) offered by
Al Etihad Payments.
Omnia have created a brand identity for Aani that is not just a standout look and feel but truly marks the company’s evolution as a world class payments provider, backed by the quality assurance of the Central Bank of the UAE.