How to maintain brand consistency from Marrakesh to Muscat

Tired of seeing your logo squashed, or stretched… of comic sans cropping up in corporate presentations… of people going to town with clipart… or brochures liberally sprinkled with images of generic businessmen shaking hands?

If you’ve invested significant sums, not to mention blood, sweat and tears on your brand identity, seeing it compromised by poor or inconsistent execution is frustrating to say the least.

At best it undermines confidence in the brand, at worst it can lead to legal issues. But maintaining consistency is easier said than done and we’ve all been blind-sided by rogue uses of our brands.

One step to solving this is by using a digital asset management system (DAM). As the acronym suggests, DAMs are online portals that can stop any misuse of your brand in its tracks.

Omnia has created its own DAM, BrandBox, and I’d like to share with you a case study of how it’s recently been deployed by our client, Abdul Latif Jameel.

Abdul Latif Jameel is comprised of diversified businesses with deep roots in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey region and a presence in over 30 countries worldwide. With a corporate masterbrand, a well-established portfolio of B2C and B2B brands and representing some of the world’s leading brands, including Toyota, Lexus, Komatsu, Toshiba and FedEx, ensuring effective brand governance is a real challenge in such a diverse organisation.

We created Abdul Latif Jameel’s BrandBox to hold all brand assets in one location, meaning all users have access to only authentic files. It also holds the complete brand guidelines, in addition to examples of how the brand has been used and applied well. The result is a portal that ensures the brand is faithfully reproduced, by whomever may be working with it, and wherever it may be in the world.

To read more about how Omnia helped Abdul Latif Jameel improve brand consistency, click here.

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