Hootsuite Offers Additional Metrics and Updates its Analytics

Hootsuite have updated their metrics and we’re excited.

As much as we loved old Hootsuite Analytics (Old Reports), we know we’ll love the new Hootsuite Analytics even more. Take a look at the 2018 updates we’ve seen so far:

  • Powerful Overviews: See all the metrics that matter the most without having to run a report.
  • Interactive Reports: Slice and dice analytics data by time range, network or even tags.
  • Customised Boards: Create boards from a library of widgets, and export them to reports. Hootsuite have even developed report templates for Audience, Engagement, Publishing and Social Presence.
  • The Engagement for Posted Tweets stats in the new Analytics Overview and Boards also now contain Ow.ly click stat
  • Twitter metrics now have the same refresh rate as Facebook metrics – every 24 hours.
  • The Quotes metric has been removed. Quotes have also been removed from all Inbound message and Engagement metrics
  • Engagement and new follower metrics are calculated differently and have been replaced:
    • New Followers is now Net New Followers
    • Retweets is now Retweets for Published Tweets
    • Replies is now Replies for Published Tweets
    • Likes is now Likes for Published Tweets
    • Engagement is now Engagement for Published Tweets
  • The metrics library added the following new metrics to break down the renamed metrics by account or engagement type:
    • Net New Followers by Account
    • Retweets for Published Tweets by Account
    • Replies for Published Tweets by Account
    • Likes for Published Tweets by Account
    • Engagement for Published Tweets by Account
    • Engagement for Published Tweets by Type


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